Ariela Anís

Music Journalist and Publicist


img_0450Ariela Anís Contreras is a Temple University graduate originating from the Northeast, USA. Ariela is a tenacious and extremely proactive professional with an admiration for music and media entertainment.

In May of 2015, she graduated with a B.A. in Media Studies and Production with a minor in Spanish from Temple University. Since graduation, she has ventured to the greater Los Angeles area of California to pursue a gratifying career in media entertainment, most recently in music management and publicity.

In addition to titles such as writer, director, producer, editor and actress/host, professionally, she has acquired experience working alongside talent in music recording studios as a publicist and manager, behind the news desk and on the red carpet with Hollywood Unlocked and Hip Hop Weekly as a correspondent and writer, and as a social media marketing manager with the aforementioned plus Marisa Explains It All radio show.

Also, as a bilingual media professional, Ariela hopes to utilize her fluency in the Spanish language and in all areas of media and communication to maintain and gather additional experience in her field of passion. As of lately, Ariela has begun to expand upon her media advertising and marketing skills working with publicity agencies whose clientele include Latinx artists.

With the skills that Ariela has not only earned from Temple and respective organizations, internships and volunteer opportunities, and professional ventures in Los Angeles—but with those from everyday life, she plans to create a successful and progressing career in music and entertainment. Going into her third year as a professional, greater adventures await for her. This is only the start of something illustrious for Ariela Contreras, endeavoring music and entertainment executive.

Ariela currently resides in the Greater Los Angeles area and is available for new opportunities. Please feel free to contact her via email: