It seems like Nicki Minaj and Blac Chyna have more in common than wanting to race in China, as the boss babe reveals her own doll collection with advanced 3D printing and scanning company, My3DNA.

Hollywood Unlocked exclusively covered the unveiling of the joint venture that gifted us with the super realistic mini-me figurine collection of the 29-year-old called Mini Chyna Dolls.

Moreover, the event brought out tons of supporters and familiar faces like Torrei Hart, Dominique Perry, Kris D. Lofton, Dan Rue and Nick “Nick Nack Patti Whack” Joseph, Tori Brixx, Young M.A., and many more.

While Chyna’s teased her latest venture previously on Instagram with different photo-shoots alongside My3DNA, many wondered how many looks she would actually reveal – and of course, what they would look like.

Furthermore, My3DNA CEO and co-founder Robert Aaron S. and CFO and co-founder Aramais Air shared with us the technology behind the miniaturizing of one’s self into a figurine.

Essentially, through CGI scanning (common gateway interface) her entire body, 3D printing technology will physically produce the mini Chyna’s, including every intricate detail on the real Chyna — like tattoos, fingernails, and facial expressions.

Additionally, the venture has been underway since last August, with the collection set to feature 6 to 8 variations of its model in three different sizes.

However, the unveiling at Downtown Los Angeles’ MVA Studios was for the first two versions of the collection: rosebud and cosmo.

Consequently, we viewed Chyna in a pink salmon halter jumpsuit with a short blonde bob (rosebud) and the other dressed in a light fuchsia dress with a long-curled blood-orange locks (cosmo).

In addition to Chyna, the advanced-3D company has previously collaborated with DrakeSteve Aoki, Dan Bilzerian, and the cast of “Black-Ish.”

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