Prior to taking stage Wednesday night (Sept. 27) at her T-Boz Unplugged benefit concert for sickle cell, Hollywood Unlocked wished our sincerest and deepest condolences to Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins of TLC for the loss of her cousin, Eddie Russell Jr.

Consequently, after Peoria police unjustly riddled the body of the mentally ill 25-year-old with more than 18 gunshots, Watkins tells us her family is seeking #JusticeForEddieRussellJr along with their lawyer, with plans to sue for wrongful death.

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Additionally, Watkins states:

“[We] have a lawyer now and they’re going to bring a lawsuit against the Peoria Police Department. We’re not saying what he did was right, but he was mentally ill. And the police don’t deal with that. They didn’t wait for the mental person from the health department to come.”

Furthermore, last week, Peoria PD gunned down Russell Jr., who was an alleged bank robbery suspect.

As a result of the alleged act having been caught on film, officials followed him home and used his mother to lure him onto the street.

Following a lengthy stand-off, officers fired over 18 rounds at the 25-year-old.

Moreover, official reports claimed he walked towards the police, but Wakins questions:

 “If he did walk towards the cops, how did he get shot in the back of his head and his whole brain [get] shattered? AR-15s? They do that in warfare. [He] never ever harmed anyone in his life and was so sweet. He didn’t deserve that. There’s all kinds of people who rob banks and actually kill people and they still breathe.”

In addition to the lawsuit for wrongful death, T-Boz explains how she’s attempting to bring awareness to help obtain justice.

“I’ve been asking everybody to hashtag Justice For Eddie Russell Jr. That’s my cousin he didn’t deserve that. He was only 25 [and a] very sweet person, but he had demons that he was fighting that he couldn’t control. He was mentally ill. I want justice and so does my family. And his mother deserves it and so does he.”

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