Though he questions his own worthiness, many say there’s nothing to debate on whether Kendrick Lamar deserves the title, Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) or not. Especially after debuting his latest album, DAMN..

The Compton rapper, who has been tapped Hip Hop’s revivalist and savior, has never been afraid to push the envelope and awaken his listeners, and he certainly hasn’t shied away from that now, as he speaks righteously on Christianity, love and always of the many current socio-political issues. He’s unofficially, yet rightfully become the symbol for social awareness, activism, black musicality, and blackness as a whole.

What makes Kendrick Lamar such a talented individual across the board is not only his blinding versatility (switching around the tempos and flows to his vocal delivery), but his willingness to be so vulnerable. On DAMN., he continues to use himself and his contradictions as a template for human crises, breaking down the many relatable philosophical and emotional queries we all encounter.

The 55-minute project is full of double-taking lyrics that blur right past you, forcing you to rewind and head-banging beats to keep you vibing. DAMN is an album full of hidden depths — a gift that just keeps on giving. Check out the project below!


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written by: ariela anís  |  ig: ari.anis  |  twitter: arielaanis