Nigerian-American rapper, Wale, wants it to be known that it’s SHINE season! The DMV native said ‘eff it’ and dropped his 14-track album last Friday, one week earlier than his anticipated Cinco de Mayo due date.

On his fifth studio album, SHINE, Wale continues to fearlessly explore different elements and sounds of today. There’s no particular cohesive style of the album, similar to Drake’s More Life, as he navigates the waters of soul, rap, R&B, afrobeats and even Spanish reggae with reggaeton artist J Balvin.

Though, on first listen SHINE doesn’t sound like a Wale album, and one shouldn’t look past what the DC rapper is newly accomplishing. Stepping into a new space isn’t easy, but Wale does so, courageously.

Like most albums currently being released, each track is meant to be examined as its own entity. These single-driven albums are becoming heavily prominent and Wale is making sure he tries his own hand at it – and is seemingly doing so successfully.

SHINE is a fun, ear-friendly and celebratory album that you can’t miss out on. Take a listen below!