“If you’re gonna be here, be you,” says Macy Gray at her intimate Peppermint Club performance; where Hollywood Unlocked was on the scene to witness the Grammy Award winning artist in all of her funkadelic and soulful glory.

Gray; who’s hit-maker track “I Try” sent her debut album ‘On How Life Is’ multi-platinum high; debuted some new tunes off of her upcoming, untitled project due this summer.

In addition to her classics like; “I Try” and “Caligula;” Gray also sang “White Man;” plus, more funk; rock; soul; and Caribbean-filled singles that had the crowd singing and swaying in unison; and left in awe consequently.

Furthermore; until the summer release, check out her latest moving track, “White Man,” and 2016 album ‘Stripped,‘ from the soulful singer.

Additionally; on “White Man;” Gray explains its most noteworthy, powerful message:

“White Man is a reflective critique of the state of race relations and gender equality in contemporary America which aims to recognize the progress made. It highlights the significant shortcomings that still exist; the acknowledgment that the American society does not need to be colorblind in order to advance equality for all; and concludes with a positive message of hope through collective cooperation. “

#PressPlay below to view Macy Gray dishing more on the new project to Larry King!