The love for Mike Darole is beyond real. With a packed house, the triple threat effortlessly brought out all of LA to unveil his latest project, ‘HELLO,‘ last night (April 9) in Downtown LA. With fellow Cali native, RJ, hosting, and media maven, Jen DeLeon, moderating, the event went off flawlessly – if you weren’t there, you definitely missed out on the turn up.
After releasing his previous bangers like title track, “Hello,” featuring RJ and Compton AV, and “Work It,” featuring YG and Tashan Stewart, plus its remix with YG and Ray J, the Bay area emcee debuted his mixtape ‘HELLO‘, laced with 9 new tracks and features from “the homies,” King Lil G, B. Martin, Justin Love, and Jerry Purpdrank.

Prior to the turn up, Hollywood Unlocked caught up with Darole on the red carpet to learn more about the artist, his new release, and more. He stated that the project he’s been working hard on for the last 2-3 months is definitely going to be a fan favorite. And if you’re still craving for more, don’t worry, he’s got us covered with another forthcoming mixtape. He says:

“I actually had 25 songs, so we cut it in half. I put 11 on this for the turn up, and in about two months I’m going to do all the R&B sh*t…the smooth jams. We’re going to call it Hello: After Hours. We just getting started.”

Darole tells us besides “Work It,” his favorite track off the new mixtape is the introductory song “6.24,” and stated that his ‘I caught you slippin’ track “Lyin'” is his favorite track that he wrote.

The Bay area artist, who not only raps, but sings and dances, dished on how he first got into music. Darole recounted the many times when he was 7-years-old and his stepfather would brag about and play the songs from the artists on his label. He says, “it was only motivation for me to go harder.” And that’s exactly what he plans to keep on doing.

Darole definitely seeks what most crave–longevity–and he has no plans to stop until he obtains it, as he sends the following warning:

“I’m coming for 2017, 2018 and beyond. We here to stay. I’m just getting started.”

If you have yet to hear any of his latest tracks…

#PressPlay above to peep his YG and Ray J assisted track “Work It (Remix)” and the rest of the ‘HELLO‘ mixtape below!