With more than a decade preceding, the GRAMMY-award winning R&B group 112 is back to push the envelope and reintroduce their authentic smooth and sexy sound with a Hip-Hop edge, highlighting each member, as they release their sixth studio album ‘Q Mike Slim Daron.’

While sitting down for a very special and exclusive interview with Hollywood Unlocked, the Atlanta quartet, comprised of Quinnes “Q” ParkerDaron JonesMarvin “Slim” Scandrick and Michael “Mike” Keith, relish on their legendary musical history, their newest album, which new artists they’d collaborate with and of course, what the iconic group has in store for us in the near future.

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Although the group stepped away from the immediate spotlight following their fifth studio album ‘Pleasure & Pain,’ the quartet proceeded to hit the road to tour and work behind the scenes writing and producing for some of our favorite acts like: Keyshia ColeKelly PriceJamie FoxxNotorious B.I.G.R. Kelly, and more.

Fast forward to October 27, 2017 and we’ve found ourselves smitten over the fellas as they release ‘Q Mike Slim Daron,’ to which Slim explains:

“We named it that way because we want everybody to feel Q, Mike, Slim and Daron. And you definitely feel all four cats just doing what we do best.”

Additionally, with head bobs from his group members in congruence, Slim continues:

“This album is probably the most well-versed album, well-put-together, where you can definitely hear all of us. It’s not just one person dominating. And that’s actually our strengths… This is for the culture.”

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In addition to sampling themselves on their newest feat (via track 3 “Without You” with their 1997 hit “Cupid”), 112 simultaneously pushes the envelope while maintaining their unique and authentic sound.

Mike further explains:

“112 has always pushed the envelope as far as being innovative. We do feel like we are the pioneers of the Hip-Hop and R&B sound. For example, when we did “Hey Love” with Mobb Deep. It was something that had not been seen before. These are Hip-Hop dudes and then here go the gentlemen of R&B and we came up with a masterpiece. Also, with the Notorious B.I.G.; we were just pushing envelopes, seeing how far we could go in R&B music.”

Also, he states that the group didn’t produce their sixth album trying to fit in with today’s sound.

“We didn’t go in thinking that we wanted to be like what’s going on in today’s sound, we wanted to maintain who we are and that’s what we accomplished on this album.”

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Adding to what the group’s focus is, Q assures us:

“We’re just consistent with who we are. The one thing that I love about being in this group is that we’re always listening to what the climate is doing. We can always add to who we are with whatever other elements that are now the “current sound.” So interestingly, your comment about us being able to stay true to ourselves and stay authentic, but still add the elements of today, that’s who 112 is. That’s who we are and that’s who we’ve always been. We are probably one of the few artists, in my opinion, who are just so well-versed and just so blessed that we can pretty much do anything musically. There’s nothing that we can’t do. And we can embrace all of it and body it. It’s just who 112 is and who we’ve also been.”

In addition to an upcoming documentary of the quartet, Daron hints of a tour that will soon follow, and possibly including fellow R&B quartet Jagged Edge.

“There’s some things in the works. We’re talking about some things. You know we have a song on the album with Jagged Edge called “Both of Us,” so [there’s] been talks of us putting together a tour with them. Nothing is concrete, just right now. But, just be on the lookout for that. Keep up with us on our website or Instagram, and we’ll keep you posted.”

And when all is said and done, Mike, along with his brothers agree that the legacy of 112 is to be known as the baddest to ever do it vocally.

“I would like for us to be known as the baddest that ever did it, vocally. There’s other groups that can dance better than 112, [etc.] But, vocally I’ve never seen anything like 112 before. Where you’ve got four lead singers and a group that’s able to do it for 21 plus years. So, I would love for us to go down as vocally the best group that ever did it. I’d be a happy man.”

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